Getting Around on Public Transport

The main source of public transport in London is the Underground. Londoners call it the Tube. Its network of 12 lines very well covers London and can get you to most places relatively quickly. Notwithstanding the delays that are not uncommon, it is faster than travelling by car.  Each […]

Things to check before signing a tenancy agreement

First of all, never sign a tenancy agreement without reading through it all. Remember it is a legally binding document! Here are the things you should pay particular attention to.

1. Your agreement shall include the following information:

the name of the tenant(s)
the address of the property you are renting
the name […]

Don’t become a victim of rental fraud!

Rental fraud takes place when would be tenants are convinced to pay an upfront fee to rent a property.  Research shows that a significant number of people are falling victim to rental fraud after responding to advertisements for flats and houses to let. The advertisements may be for short […]

No more confusion about deposits

There is some confusion between the two kinds of deposits that prospective tenants are commonly asked to pay by landlords and agents.

Holding deposit:

If you make an offer to a letting agent or a landlord for a property, the latter may require you paying a holding deposit. In return, the […]

Where to live in London

London is a huge sprawling city. Unsurprisingly, figuring out where to live in London is one of the hardest parts of moving to this city.

Generally, north of the Thames River (and north of the city) is considered trendier and more established.  There are some very nice areas to live in which […]

Welcome to our first blog post!

Having spent a couple of minutes exploring our website, you now know that Rent Advice is a service provided by Assistance Channel Ltd. We thought it would be interesting to share with you how the idea behind the service was generated.

Every day, we meet people who have just moved […]