Rent Advice FAQs

Q: What is Rent Advice?

A: Rent Advice is a service provided to young professionals, students and families moving to London and looking for a property to rent.

Q: What is the difference between your service and the one provided by letting agents?

A: Like us, letting agents are businesses that deal with rented properties. However, the difference is that letting agents represent the interests of the people owning the properties, the landlords. Landlords pay letting agents to find people to rent their properties, the tenants. We’re here to serve the tenants’ interests, not the landlords’. We’re not interested in letting a specific property or any property at all. We’re here to help our clients to make an informed choice on whether to rent a property or not.

Q: Do you receive any commission from letting agencies or landlords?

A: No. We’re completely independent and therefore unbiased.

Q: What is the difference between your service and the one provided by relocation agencies?

A: Firstly, relocation agencies mostly concentrate on properties to buy. Secondly, when working with clients who look for a property to rent, their objective is to secure the property as the biggest part of their fee comes from there. Thirdly, while using their service will minimise the need for your stay in London during your search, it cannot eliminate this need. Our service is completely different as we work exclusively with rental properties; our aim is to help our clients make an informed choice as to whether to rent or not; using our service you no longer need to be physically present in London to rent the best.  

Q: What does the service include?

A: Our flexible approach allows us to meet the needs of each and every client. However, the core of our service can be presented as follows:

  • With clients we work out what their ideal rental option is creating detailed briefs. This includes advising on areas of London, pricing, transport options available, etc.
  • We find 7-10 suitable options through our extensive network of agents, landlords, and developers.
  • We view 3-5 properties our clients like most, view them and prepare detailed reports.

Q: What information does a viewing report include?

A: Our viewing report will cover financial matters, such as agency fees, deposit amount and council tax information; a list of all the furniture, fittings and appliances provided; information on the property’s location and safety; the state of repair, building security, etc.

Q: What else will I get as a client?
A: All our clients receive a handy Welcome Pack outlining key points on renting a property and living in London. This covers information about rental options available, renting challenges, moving in and moving out tips, as well as budgetary issues.

Q: Do you provide other services?

A: Yes. We can assist you throughout your moving process. For example, you may find that the property you’re renting doesn’t come with some essentials (bed linen is rarely provided). In order to make your moving in process as smooth as possible, we can buy these for you in advance. As the scope of additional services may vary widely, please contact us with your specific requirements and ask for a quote.

Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: Please follow the link to learn about accepted payment methods.