To find right accommodation from abroad you should have it inspected through an agent

What We Do

Using our Rent Advice service is an effective and easy way to find suitable accommodation in London. If you’re moving to London for a period of more than 6 months, there are so many challenges associated with finding good, long-term housing. It’s even more difficult, if you’re not physically present in London during your search. Trying to rent from abroad can be even more challenging: having to deal with the plethora of ‘rent a property’ search engines; contacting letting agents or landlords to check whether the property you’re interested in is still available; getting the answers you need about rent, furnishings and notice periods; and finding out about the area. And, of course, you should never rent a property without viewing it first. This is why so many people end up renting some sort of short-term accommodation and then looking for their long-term home once they arrive in London. But this just means prolonging the stress of hunting for your new home, in addition to spending lots of time and money. Rent Advice is the solution and the service pays for itself!

How It Works

We will prepare a brief of your ideal property taking into consideration your lifestyle, budget, family and commute. We can advise on the best areas of London to stay in and comment on the ones you have come across.

We will exhaust the market contacting letting agencies, developers and individual landlords to find potentially suitable accommodation options. You will receive a portfolio of 7-10 properties matching your search criteria.

We will view 5 properties in person on your behalf. Just let us know which properties from the portfolio you like the most and we’ll contact the letting agent or the landlord and arrange a viewing. After the viewing, we’ll produce a detailed, unbiased report on the condition of each property. The report will cover everything, including bills for which you’ll be responsible; furniture, fittings and appliances available; state of repair; safety and condition; area information, etc. Where allowed, we’ll make either a short video of the property interior and exterior, or we’ll take pictures (which may show a lot more than you saw on the internet!).

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The cost of delivering this service is only 450 GBP.

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Other Services

We’re more than happy to help you beyond your ‘choosing a home’ process. We can offer any service related to your move. We often assist our clients in the following ways:

  • Helping you to settle in. This includes our 24/7 telephone support – whatever your query or problem during the first month of your stay.
  • Checking your tenancy agreement to make sure it’s fair. Although certain rights and obligations will apply regardless of what the agreement says, it’s crucial to understand every aspect of it before signing.
  • Buying home essentials. Your rented property may not include some essentials, such as bed linen or kitchen cutlery. Of course, you can buy these once you’re here, but it’s just so nice to feel at home immediately upon arrival. Besides, initially you probably won’t know the best places to buy from to save money.
  • Renting furniture for your new home. Moving is a costly process and, depending on your situation, the additional cost of furnishing a property can be crippling. Furniture rental is an easier and more cost effective option than buying new furniture.
  • Arranging transport from the airport. If this is your first visit to London from abroad, we would certainly advise you to ask for this service, as it can take a while to get used to London’s public transport system, and even arranging a taxi on your own may be a hassle.


Please contact us to get a quote if you’re interested in any of our additional services.