Having spent a couple of minutes exploring our website, you now know that Rent Advice is a service provided by Assistance Channel Ltd. We thought it would be interesting to share with you how the idea behind the service was generated.

Every day, we meet people who have just moved to London, either from abroad or from other parts of the UK. Some of them became victims of rental fraud, while trying to secure accommodation without making sure the offer was genuine. Some of them ended up renting something they don’t like, as they didn’t view the property before signing an agreement for a year. Others decided to come to London, rent short-term accommodation and then look for something suitable for the long-term. While it sounds like a sensible option, these people actually spent a fortune on hotels and meals out!

So the idea was to help all these people moving to London and looking for accommodation to rent. Our service helps people to understand how to find suitable accommodation online; the initial evaluation of a property’s worthiness to be viewed is then carried out by professionals; finally, the best properties are viewed on our clients’ behalf providing them with detailed reports.

As for the blog itself, hopefully, this will be a place where you can read simply written, but really useful things about moving to and living in London. Please feel free to comment and guide us on what would be interesting to you.